Month 1

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Initial Consultation


Strategy Session


Market Overview

An overview of the market

The competitors in the space and the challenges it poses for your business.


Competitor Analysis

Brand strategies

How are they winning, who they are targeting. What’s their positioning.

Marketing mapping

What does the market look like and where are the opportunities.


Market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

New market opportunities

Understanding growing markets globally and where opportunities lie for your brand.

Cultural intelligence

Where there are opportunities/do we act on them?


Deep Dive

Detailed research into the brand

The founder and the current product. Your ambition. Brand positioning. Current/future product (experience).

Month 2 & 3

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Consumer Profile

Build an insightful profile of the target consumer covering their motivations, beliefs and behaviors.


Brand Build

Build the brand you are going to grow.

Brand strategy, brand positioning, brand expression.


Obsession, Mission, Enemy.


Personality, Values, Team, Brand Rules


What we do, what we don't do


Where we sit in the market, how we differentiate, how we compete.


Brand Expression

Tone, feel, social media expression, video/photography/typography.


Qualitative Research

Who are they?

Motivations, fears, assumptions, beliefs, lifestyle.

Why your brand?

How did they find you? What appealed to them? Did they shop around?

How we compare?

What impression did the brand give? What assumptions did they make? What was positive/negative?

Did price come into it?

The experience of your coaching itself

How they found it? What could be done better? What surprised them? What would they improve? Would they recommend it to friends?


Business Modelling & Forecasting

Revenue structure and planning.

Month 4

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Website Build

Website design

Site map/user flow, UX consultancy, Desktop and mobile designs, Coding of site, Performance testing, Browser testing, Mobile/tablet compatibility, Meta tags, title desc etc, Deployment

Implementing Research Technology & Data Analytics Software

Optimize technical solutions for digital set ups.

Implement software to increase efficiency and develop insights.

You can't manage what you can't measure. What story does the data tell you and how do we act upon these insights?

Combining analytics and research technology so every report and study is an actionable catalyst to grow your business.


Brand Launch Strategy


Overall Marketing Strategy

The story we tell.

A narrative directed by brand truths/mission.


Digital Advertising

Audit social channels and optimisation of social channels (including audience personas)

Organic social growth strategies

Email list strategy

Paid social advertising

PR outreach strategy



Link building


Short Term Social Content Plan

Content calendar, Case studies, Newsletter, Blogs, Social rules.


Longer Term Social Content Plan

Overall strategy, Video, Community, Affiliates.

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